Resume Preparation Questions




Writing your resume can be a difficult undertaking. Below are leading questions to assist you in creating a resume reflective of your qualifications.    Write down what you are doing now.   • What is the job description, level of responsibilities and skills required?
• Do you wish to remain in this field?
• Write down your employment objective?
• How would you describe your ideal company?
• Size?
• Location?
• Room to grow?
• How would you describe your ideal positions?
• What do you have to offer?
• Be honest. Your employment status and industry reputation can suffer if you embellish.
   List your interests, experience, skills, natural aptitudes and traits that may be marketable.   • Have you been in the military?
• List all of your hobbies and personal interests.
• What do people come to you for help?
• Are you a member of any organization?
• Have you ever given a speech or presentation or provided training to anyone?
   Write down the specifics.   • Do you volunteer? Where?
• What do you do?
• Do you speak any foreign languages?
• Consider your skill level.
• Could your skills be used for professional purposes?
• Do you have unique cultural experience?
• Have you studied, lived or worked abroad?
• Do you live in an American enclave (a foreign community within a domestic community)?
• List all of your accomplishments not previously listed.
• Have you written an article or book?
• Are you published?
• What is your computer literacy and related skills?
• What platforms can you use? (PC, IBM, Macintosh)
• What operating systems are you familiar with? (Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Android, ChromeOS, etc.)
• Do you know programming languages? List them.
• What Internet research tools have you worked with?
• What programs do you know? To what level of expertise?
• What experience do you have as a manager or participant in TQM? CQI? Be specific.
   List your Achievements.   • What positive impact have you made for previous employers?
• Where and when have you gone above and beyond quotas or expectations?
• What program or improvements have you initiated?
• What strategic programs have you developed to increase sales or marketing?
• How do you make a difference?
   List Awards or Recognitions.   • Have you recognized or praised for a method of working or a particular project?
• Where you promoted ahead of schedule?
• Have you been selected for special projects or responsibilities?
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