Resignation Letter Template




The below resignation letter is to be used as a template. Choose between [A] OR [B], fill in the company name and chosen date in [brackets], then delete unneeded options. Confirm that both spelling and punctuation are correct.    Dear [Boss's name],

Please accept this letter as my official notice of resignation. I appreciate the work we have been able to accomplish together at [company name], but I have now made a commitment to another organization and will begin with them in two weeks. Please accept my decision as final.

[A] I intend to make this transition as smooth as possible, and as such I will exert a major effort to train a suitable replacement.


[B] My intentions are to be as helpful as possible in this transition and in the transference of my current responsibilities to those who will be assigned to this task.

I have attached a list of tasks that I feel should be completed before I leave on [chosen date]. If you have any suggestions on how we can best accomplish this goal, I hope you will share your thoughts with me, as I am eager to leave on the most positive note possible.


[Your name]
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