Interviewing Tips




An interview is an opportunity to sell your self to a potential employer. No one else can sell your skills and qualifications like you can. Preparation is the determining factor between success and failure. Consider that you have already been screened for this position. You have what the employer is looking for. This is your opportunity to express your interest in becoming a part of the hiring company's team by convincing the company that hiring you will help the company achieve its goals. Every interview should be viewed as "what's in it for the company" to hire me.    Your Appearance:    • Be rested, freshly groomed, look like you are in control and prepared.
• Be self assured in your personal presentation.
• Exhibit a high level of professionalism in your speech, attire and mannerisms.
   The decision to hire is made within the first five to ten minutes:    • Greet the interviewer, assertively, with a firm handshake.
• Keep eye contact throughout the interview.
• Use "Mr. or Ms." before their last name. Don't let down your guard and become too familiar too soon.
   Be Prepared:    • Have multiple copies of your resume and references with you.
• If an application is expected, prepare a list of addresses and phone numbers of previous employers, educational institutions and former supervisors.
• Have pens readily available. Show a level preparedness, organization and competence.
• Be honest about your qualifications and education.
• Sign the application.
   Research:    • Know the company that you are interviewing with
• Their specialty, services offered, product sold.
• Size - how many employees, how many facilities.
• Fiscal growth tendencies.
• Go to the company's website or the library for information.
• Network with others in the field.
   Listen:    The interviewer is giving you all the information that you need to address. If the interviewer speaks of "team," give them an example of how you are a team player. If the interviewer mentions certain skill sets; speak of how this is one of your strengths as applicable.    Ask Questions:    This is where your research comes in. The hiring authority is determining if you are what they are looking for. Show interest in the company and interest in what you do.    Close the interview:    Wanting a position is one thing, asking for the position is another. The difference could cost you the opportunity. Always close your interview stating:   • Interest in the company
• Interest in the position; then, ask one of the following:
• Is there anything to prevent you from offering me this position?
• Where do we go from here?
• Do you have any concerns that would preclude me from further consideration?
• As with any concern, address the concern, offer strengths related to the concern and/or state what your plans are to strengthen your qualifications.
   Finish Strong:    • Thank the interviewer for their time while extending to offer a firm handshake.
• Send a thank you note to the interviewer(s) within twenty-four hours of the interview.
• Follow up with your recruiter.
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