First Interview Preparation




So you are scheduled to interview. Your resume has opened the door and your foot is in threshold. Nice job!    The questions you will be asked are meant to expose your strengths. This is the time to set your self apart from the pack. The following questions and answers are to help you prepare.    Tell me about yourself:    Answer should be a two to three minute summary of your strengths, education, why you left/are leaving your employer. What you are looking for and how you see this being fulfilled by the company you are interviewing with.    Why do you work in this industry?    This is your opportunity to tie your previous employment and personal interests together to express your interest in the field and position.    How do you stay current?    Answer this question by relating field-specific newspapers or periodicals you read or groups where you can network?    Where do you want to be in five years?    The best answer is that you want to be an impact player who improves profits and increases sales.    Tell me about a major accomplishment:    Use real examples as proof of your accomplishments. Focus your response on the actions you took toward the successful outcome.    Tell me about an accomplishment that required discipline:    This offers an opportunity to discuss how you professionally grew in your previous positions. Discuss how you prioritized responsibilities, developed skills of delegation and, perhaps, honed your communication skills.    Why is this position the right position for you at this time?    Be as specific in developing your time line to accomplish your professional goals. Explain how this company and position fits in. Remember that any questions geared toward religion, marital status or children are illegal. Responses like "I don't understand. Would you please explain the relevance of that question to this position?" Or, "I am not comfortable with that question and would rather not answer it" should remedy the situation.    Closing Strong!    Close your first interview by asking: "IS THERE ANYTHING THAT WOULD PREVENT YOU FROM INVITING ME BACK TO CONTINUE THE PROCESS WITH YOU? I AM VERY INTERESTED IN CONTINUING THE PROCESS." If you are asked whether you are prepared to accept an offer, answer: "BASED ON WHAT I KNOW - DEFINITELY YES"      Join our newsletter to stay informed of the latest Ultimate Placements news.