Call-Back Interview Preparation




Congratulations you made the cut! But, the rules have just changed. The interviewer may have concerns about skill level. Listen. Listen and listen some more. Then you will be able to dispel concerns and present yourself as a well-balanced individual. Sometimes the interviewer is there to remove you as a candidate. Work on rapport with this individual instead of reiterating your key strengths. The questions are going to be more technical to determine the depth of knowledge. Be prepared!    Tell me about a situation that you failed to anticipate:    The interviewer wants to see what you learned from the situation and if your judgment improved.    What accomplishment was the most difficult to achieve?    This question offers an opportunity to discuss overcoming obstacles.    Describe a situation when you used a problem-solving process:    The interviewer wants to understand how you managed the process.    Considering your resume, what are your weaknesses in regard to this position?    Your objective should be to determine what the interviewer believes what your weakness are, then give specific examples of your suitability to this position.    What performance related concerns you do have about this position?    Turn this question around to the interviewer asking them about their concerns. Then address each concern confirming your qualifications are the right for this position. Be confident!    How would you enrich your current position?    Describe how you have made a positive impact and continued to grow. Keep your response closely relate to the position that you are interviewing for.    Closing Strong!    Close your second interview the same as in the first, be assertive to move forward. "IS THERE ANYTHING THAT WOULD PREVENT YOU FROM MAKING ME AN OFFER AT THIS TIME?" If you are asked whether you are prepared to accept an offer; - "BASED ON WHAT I KNOW NOW-DEFINITELY YES!!"      Join our newsletter to stay informed of the latest Ultimate Placements news.