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Retain Your Clients by Retaining Your Employees Suppose you have a client who deals with a specific representative within your organization on a regular basis. Then that client starts to see multiple employees being funneled through that position. Every time the client contacts you, they're dealing with a new person. What does this say to your client about your company? Countless negative things can be inferred from a high turnover rate, which often results in the loss of your clients to another company they perceive as better managed and more reliable.   Read full Article - Download PDF [179 KB]

June 2017



How to Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes In today's highly competitive job market, businesses can't afford to take a lackluster approach to recruitment and hiring. Not only can a bad hire lead to costly turnover, but it can also negatively impact the organizational performance of a business and, therefore, its bottom line.   Read full Article - Download PDF [189 KB]

May 2017



Revamp Your Playbook to Attract Top Talent in a Tight Candidate Market Late 2015 was the most difficult hiring period in four years, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and things have only become harder for businesses both large and small, especially in the realm of professional and managerial positions. With the BLS reporting an unemployment rate down to 2.1 percent for this segment of the workforce, competition for candidates is accelerating. In fact, a report issued by the National Federation of Independent Business indicates that the share of small businesses with few or no qualified applicants for job openings hit a 17-year high in November.   Read full Article - Download PDF [216KB]

April 2017



Getting the most out of your interview process Many candidates can interview well - but that doesn't necessarily mean they're the right person for the job. There are ways that you can improve your company's interview process to get a better sense of whether or not a candidate will be the right fit. At the same time, you can use the interview process as a way to market your company as a great place to work.   Read full Article - Download PDF [164 KB]

March 2017



Aligning Performance Management with Career Pathing Often employees leave their jobs because there is no clear path for them to advance, or they are not sure how to rise to the position they desire. Career pathing is a great way to increase employee retention and grow talent organically, because it provides both employees and employers with a clear roadmap, outlining what it takes for workers to move from their current position to where they want to be. It also empowers employees to take ownership of their career performance within the company and aligns their career goals with the strategic goals of the organization.   Read full Article - Download PDF [194 KB]

February 2017



Millennial Insights for the 2020 Labor Market As we move towards the 2020 workforce, companies face an interesting demographic dynamic in terms of talent acquisition - a workforce comprised of Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. While each of these groups has their own generational differences, the most notable are the expectations and approaches to work from Millennials, who are projected by 2020 to make up 50 percent of the workforce.   Read full Article - Download PDF [297 KB]

January 2017



Six Top Workforce Trends for 2017 Successful businesses adapt to new market demands, the changing workforce and ever-evolving technology. They have to - companies that don't adapt fail. Understanding the trends that are driving change, creating talent challenges, and offering potential solutions can help pave the way to adaptability and success.   Read full Article - Download PDF [172 KB]

December 2016



Are Your Hiring Processes and Brand on the Same Page? When running a business, it's important to try to be as transparent and authentic as possible. Doing one thing - but meaning or saying another - can have significant, negative implications for your organization, especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent. Unknowingly presenting conflicting messages throughout the interview process can hurt your company brand, and detract from its ability to attract and hire the best candidates.   Read full Article - Download PDF [166 KB]

November 2016



Workforce Planning: Does your company have the bench strength to sustain top performance? In sports, a team's success is linked to its bench strength - the players on the bench who can seamlessly jump in and replace a player who is pulled due to injury or some other reason. Professional football teams don't go into games with only one quarterback and baseball teams have players on the bench in case someone goes on the disabled list. It should be the same in business, where bench strength refers to the capabilities and readiness of potential successors to move into key professional and leadership positions.   Read full Article - Download PDF [216 KB]

October 2016



Not Receiving Enough Quality Applicants? It's Likely Your Employer Brand. Your company is hiring, which means you've likely done the groundwork and communicated the job opening externally. So why aren't there more A-player candidates knocking on your door? A recent LinkedIn survey of 26,000 professionals found that the main reason people don't apply to a job is because they don't have enough background about the company or even the position itself. If your company isn't able to attract suitable candidates, it's likely that your employer brand is lacking. Effective employment branding is able to attract even those who are not actively looking.   Read full Article - Download PDF [168 KB]

September 2016



Isn't it Time to Declutter Your Hiring Process The life-altering magic of decluttering and refocusing have been frequent discussion points lately, with experts weighing in on how to create the best possible environments for living and working. Many companies could also benefit from applying the principles of decluttering to their hiring processes. If your company hasn't examined the recruitment-to-onboarding process in a while, it may be time to revisit these procedures to eliminate steps that may be slowing the process.   Read full Article - Download PDF [164 KB]

August 2016



The Simple Yet Powerful Retention Tactic that Won't Cost Your Company a Dime In today's work culture where paternity leave, free snacks and on-site daycare have become more common, formulating the right package of perks and benefits for your employees can be difficult. Glassdoor research indicates 57 percent of people place benefits and office perks at the top of their list when considering a new role. However, research has also shown that employee satisfaction within the workplace is more strongly correlated to elements such as senior leadership, company culture and values and opportunities for growth.   Read full Article - Download PDF [162 KB]

July 2016



5 Hiring Mistakes That May be Hurting Your Employer Brand Throughout 2016, despite some contractions in the labor market, hiring has continued to increase. Within the last 12 months through April, an average of 232,000 new jobs has been added each month. Many companies are focused on expanding, but are finding it difficult to locate enough skilled talent, especially in the executive, managerial and professional job market. In this sector, which is candidate-driven, employers continue to lose great candidates who are accepting other job offers. So as a hiring authority, what key mistakes could you be making that might be damaging your employer brand?   Read full Article - Download PDF [166 KB]

June 2016




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